We have been pretty busy recently doing our bit to help clear up after Storm Arwen. Winter probably isn’t finished with us yet, so it’s vital that you have a trusted team of tradesman to rely on, avoiding the possibilities of being left without support. R3 Direct is here to help.


  • 4 Feb 2022
  • Blog

It's unsurprisingly easy for the forceful winds to send your expensive garden furniture and equipment tumbling down the street. If not weighed down, secured, or relocated to a safe place, it can become costly to replace what was lost or damaged. Frequently feeling the impact of the storm, fencing was one of the major concerns for some homeowners. If your fence has taken a hit from flying debris, further damage could leave you without security and a hefty job on your hands. Consider using R3 Direct to repair or replace panels, secure posts, or install a brand-new fence to ensure your garden is safe and secure.

If not repaired quickly, one of the areas most affected by the wind is roofing. As the tiles are swept away or simply shifted out of place by the gusts, it can leave gaps big enough for rainwater to enter your roof space, causing considerable damage to your home. We’re able to undertake the necessary inspections to ensure your roofing remains in a safe condition. If you’re in any doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you’re based in the South East of Scotland and looking for a trustworthy team of tradesman to help with the health of your home, be sure to give us a call on – 03000 999 247 or click here to book online. We RESPOND, REPAIR and REBUILD!